Book Review: “Falling for You (Pearl Island Trilogy)”

By Gini Rainey

“Falling for You (Pearl Island Trilogy)” By Julie Ortolon

Written by Ortolon, who was born with dyslexia and didn’t even learn to read until her early twenties when she discovered that romance novels were worth the effort, “Falling for You” is set in and about Galveston. However, most of the action in this, the first of her Pearl Island Trilogy, takes place on the fictitious Pearl Island which is located in Galveston Bay.

Filled with an abundance of pirates, ghosts, and romance, the first of the Pearl Island Trilogy will keep you spellbound as you read about Aurora and her siblings who are direct descendants of Marguerite, the wife of a notorious shipping captain. It would seem the captain built an incredible mansion for Marguerite on Pearl Island as a wedding present. But, as true romance story luck would have it, poor Marguerite met the dashing Captain Jack Kingsley and they both met a tragic death, leaving their restless spirits on Pearl Island.

When the siblings decide to turn the mansion into a bed and breakfast, and Aurora falls in love with the son of one of Galveston’s elite, the plot thickens and makes for an interesting romantic novel you’ll have trouble putting down.

It’s apparent that Ortolon did her research homework as this book, first in a set of three, is filled with lots of local color and information about Galveston. As a native Texan, she says she grew up on stories about pirates, since Texas had so many pirates who made Galveston Island their home base. She also admits a love for ghost stories and has done a great job of combining all of these interests into a great set of stories.

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Rating – 4 of 5