Dazed: An Old Timey Rock-n-Roll Type of Band

By Amanda Main

Dazed is an East Texas band consisting of three young guys playing their hearts out and performing classic-rock icons’ deeper tracks. The three 20-year-olds include Lance Hampton as lead guitarist and vocalist, Drew Theiring as drummer and vocalist, and Caleb Cannon as bass player and vocalist.

EGuide Magazine recently spoke with Drew about their band.

EGuide: How did you guys get together and form a band?

Drew: “Well, Lance and I — the guitar player — had known each other since we were just tots. We played baseball together. Dennis Nail (our former manager) really helped us get going. He does our booking for us. He was our baseball coach and he’s Lance’s grandfather. Both Lance and I grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll and being rock ‘n’ rollers. Lance and I are both originally from Whitehouse and Caleb’s from Mineola. Lance and I got together to jam one day. We’d both been burned out on baseball by then and Caleb shows up to this music store in Mineola that Lance was at. Lance heard him playing bass and he said “Holy mess, come jam with us.” So he did and that was the summer of 2010. From then we just kicked off. We played our first gig on October 9th, 2010, at the Gypsy Market Festival in Mineola, on the main street there right in front of the Select Theater. From there, we played some bars and a lot of festivals. We also play weddings — haven’t played any funerals yet,” (he jokes).

EGuide: What’s your favorite venue to play?

Drew: “Oh, that’s a tough one. I guess it would be the AlleyFest in Longview. We opened for Starship. They were really, really great. Starship used to be Jefferson Starship and before that was Jefferson Airplane. They had tons of hits. We got to meet Mickey, the lead singer; he was really cool. He shook our hands after the set and said that he really enjoyed our music. That was kind of a high point.”

EGuide: Do you guys mostly play covers, or do you also write and play original music?

Drew: “We have written an all-original album and a few singles, but we mostly just play covers. That’s what people want to hear us do. They like our originals, but they sound so much like classics that anytime we’re playing them, people assume that it’s just a classic they haven’t heard, so we’re mostly a cover group.”

EGuide: How can people buy your album?

Drew: “They can come to the gig, or they can also message us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/dazedtheband) and request an album.”

EGuide: What would you say sets your band apart from other bands?

Drew: “Uh, talent. We’ve all sweated profusely for probably four hours a day, for several years, just learning how to play our instruments. When we’re sitting there playing, we feel every note we play, we put our ‘all’ into what we’re playing. You don’t get that a lot with bands. Some just sit there, not really paying attention, but when all three of us are on stage together, we really are just one. It’s not three different guys; it’s one group of guys playing.”

EGuide: What can people expect at your shows?

Drew: “You can expect to listen to some loud rock ‘n’ roll. If you had lived in the 70s or 80s, or even the 60s, audience can kind of relive that when they come to see us. They’ll get that feeling again. That’s how the three of us have had that feeling with the music. I guess because we weren’t born until the 90s, we don’t physically have a clue, but emotionally we feel like we have a sense of what it was to experience that era of music. As far as what you can expect at the gig, you can expect to have the experience of feeling and hearing that type of music again.”

EGuide: What artists does your band cover?

Drew: “We cover Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, AC/DC, some Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix — we cover a good bit of Jimi Hendrix — and The Doors, a lot of The Doors. Some nights it mostly consists of Black Sabbath, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Ted Nugent.”

EGuide: A lot of the stuff that’s big on classic-rock radio?

Drew: “Eh, no, we try to stick to the more obscure songs that they’ve written, like stuff that people don’t really hear every day on the radio.”

EGuide: What shows do you guys have coming up?

Drew: “We’ve kind of have cut down on giggin’. We’re just kind of slowing that down. We’re not bringing it to a halt; we’re just doing one gig a month because we were doing it so frequently that a lot of our time was spent getting equipment together (we use our own PA) and booking all the gigs. We’re at an age now where we’re working jobs and going to college, so you can imagine how divided our time was getting.”

EGuide: Right. Where do you guys all live?

Drew: “Lance and I live in Tyler, and Caleb lives in Hoard, which is outside of Mineola.”

EGuide: What has being a musician or being in a band taught you about life?

Drew: “There’s always ups and downs. There’s a climax, and there’s a de-climax. There’s always a mountaintop and the bottom of a valley. It’s fun sometimes — well, it’s always fun. When you’re on stage, that’s a baseline of ‘Yes.’ That’s always fun. But as far as getting to the gigs and the places we play — we’ve been to a point where we were basically touring East Texas every weekend. It’s a lot to handle, because sometimes we were doing three gigs in one day. It’s taught us about hard work, it really has. Also, we’re not a band that does drugs or drinks; we strictly get high off the music. I’ll put it that way. So it’s kind of kept us straight and also, it’s taught us hard work. It has shown us a lot about the ups and downsides of constantly playing gigs.”

EGuide: What advice can you give to other aspiring musicians?

Drew: “Don’t ever stop in the middle of a song. Keep playing; just play on. Play on, play on, play on, just play, play, play your whole life. Don’t ever cut it out. I’m only 20 years old and have been playing since I was 8 years old. I’ve been playing professionally since I was about 12 or 13 – that’s seven years and that’s not even that long, yet it feels like forever. I could never see myself quitting playing, ever. That’s the advice I’d give, just play on. Play on, drummer; play on, singer; play on, bass player; play on, guitar player; cello, harmonica, tambourine — danged oboe player, play on. Trombone player, play on.”

EGuide: Well, is there anything else you’d like to say about your band?

Drew: “People are noticing that we’re slowing down (with booking shows). We’ve got a big fan base, and they’ve noticed that we’re slowing down a lot, and I’d kind of like to encourage people to not think that we’re going away; we’re just slightly slowing down, and we’ll never quit playing. None of us will ever quit playing music, because that’s something that we love to do. All the people out there that listen to us and support us, we love them, and we love them for just being there.”

Check out their Facebook page for announcements for any upcoming shows for this Tyler favorite.