ETX Music Awards Slated in Lindale Sept. 8th-10th


The Sixth Annual ETX Music Awards:

A Major Music Awards Event Bringing Texas Together

The ETX Music Office is pleased to announce that the ETX Music Awards Fest is scheduled to be hosted in Lindale, September 8th-10th.

The big event with up to six stages will be hosted adjacent to the new Cannery Park on Blackberry Square, home of Miranda Lambert’s revamped Pink Pistol and Red 55 Winery and Tye Phelps’ new Love & War in Texas location.

The ETX Music Awards event will be the official sixth annual event, covering all major music genres in Texas. Chad Franke, one of the developers of the Cannery said, “This event will cover all major music genres, including Country, Rock, Latin, Blues, and much more. The excitement and interest this brings to Lindale will be far-reaching. We anticipate a large-scale economic impact.”

Performers for the three-day festival will be selected from the ETX Music Awards nominee list and may include winners from previous years. Up to six stages will be open to accommodate around 60 bands, along with many vendors, an enormous array of food and more. The festival will also feature bands from genres including Country, Latin, Rock, Americana, R&B, Punk, Blues, Jazz, and more.

The founder of ETX Music, Nathan Hunnicutt states, “I sought out Lindale as the new home of the ETX Music Awards based on a couple impressive factors. City leaders here, like Seong MacClaren, Director of Development & Tourism, are committed to real progress. This is an inspiring experience already, seeing business leaders and local government come together to accomplish something bigger than ever. Another factor for considering Lindale is the overall economic impact that is possible here. The economic and entertainment promise of this town is quite inspiring.”

“When our city invited the ETX Music Awards event to Lindale, we had an acute awareness of how this would impact our tourism base and other local businesses directly. This is truly a win-win for Lindale,” says Seong MacLaren, Director of Downtown Development & Tourism.

Nominations for the ETX Music Awards will begin on April 1st, with the final voting round and ticket sales beginning in June.


The ETX Music Office runs the annual ETX Music Awards, covering all major genres in Texas. For more info go to

The Cannery is a new location in downtown Lindale featuring the Pink Pistol, Red 55 Winery, Love and War in Texas, Tyler Junior College, and more in development. For more info go to