Mallory Page: Garden of Ambition on Exhibit Through Dec. 17th

On exhibit through December 17th, Longview Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to welcome artist Mallory Page and her abstract monochromatic paintings to Longview.

The Garden of Ambition is a solo exhibition of large-scale, monochromatic artworks by New Orleans-based artist Mallory Page. Featuring 17 new works, the exhibition offers a sophisticated study in perception, exploring how measured changes in color and light can effect shifts in visual understanding.

Mallory Page said, “I work with color, composition and technique to deliver a purely visual interpretation of my continual struggles and fascinations with cognitive dissonance and automatism. Which is why my paintings translate a bevy of emotions so that even the most calming works demand your attention with forceful strength. With strong elements of design, fascinations with light, color, layering and nostalgia the work creates an environment from within. It is deeply sensitive and naturally intuitive but I insist that it first and foremost embodies some form of resting place from thought. I work with sensory because it’s not meant to evoke too much thought. I myself struggle in a world with increasingly too much to process and with less and less tactile or human intricacies. This is how I stay connected with inner beauty and true projections of oneself.”

A studied artist, with a B.A. in interior design, Mallory’s sound foundation in art fundamentals focused on color and balance, and her continued pursuit of research of art and artists lends to the brilliance and feigned simplicity of her work. She recounts “It is not so much how the work looks to me but it’s about how it moves you, I study the emotional experience in work, I study the artists lives- the humanity within work is the trigger to what draws me within a piece.” Her work is in public and private collections throughout the United States and has remained a staple favorite among top designers and tastemakers over the past 5 years. In 2010, the artist opened Mallory Page, her Julia Street Studio in the New Orleans Arts District. While we love to entertain guests the studio is open by appointment only.

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