October 14th-15th: Edom Art Festival

A Tradition of Fine Art

Edom Art Festival will be held October 14th-15th, 10am-5pm in Edom. Admission is free.

The Edom Art Festival will be celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2017. It all started in 1971, when a potter from Arcata, California, moved to Edom, Texas, along with his wife, who was originally from Texas, dogs, horses, cats, and a dream for starting a rural art community. The potter was Doug Brown of Potters Brown, and after settling into some old buildings in Edom that they could afford, one for the pottery and one for a jewelry studio for Sharon, they began to build the dream.

Leathersmiths, knife makers, weavers, painters, glass blowers, woodworkers, architects, jewelers, and other potters have moved in and out of Edom over the years, finding a home base for their studios and acceptance and collaboration of the dream and establishing themselves as The Edom Craft Community.

Doug Brown started the Art Fair in 1972, wanting to provide a place for artists and craftsmen to sell their work and for a weekend to come together and celebrate the arts and friendship and to show what a nurturing place this was for artists. The show was for many years strictly by invitation only, but in 1995, became a juried show, open to anyone by application and passing certain criteria for quality.

For all these years, the event was always held on the grounds behind the studios, which is owned by the Browns. 1999 was the last year the fair was held in Edom for a few years because it just became too much for the Browns to continue to have it on their property. It moved to the grounds of the Tyler Museum of Art and springtime, where they had a great partnership and volunteers to help with their efforts from the Museum.

After five years, it moved back to Edom and was taken over by the newly formed Edom Chamber of Commerce and to the property adjacent to the old fairgrounds, which is owned by Bud and Ann Berry. It is a wonderfully large meadow that can accommodate not only artists but food vendors, a kids art area, parking, music, and new this year, a beer and wine garden.

There are some changes this year, some new artists of course, a change in weekends from the 3rd weekend in October to the 2nd weekend of October.

The music this year will be completely singer/songwriter based, which is being sponsored by the Forge in Ben Wheeler, in an intimate setting with the beer and wine garden. “Keeping it Local” is the theme, with White Fox Vineyard and Athens Brewery and perhaps a sneak peek at the really local vineyard in Edom, Green Goat Winery, and of course, the rich talent of musicians in the area.

There will also be demonstrations from potter Randy Brodnax from Elmer, Louisiana, and if you have never seen Randy “perform,” it is a show. His raku pottery demos are wonderful, firing pots in an outdoor setting and selling his work. Another showman who has been at the show for several years is Lonnie Robinson and his portable forge, blacksmithing demos all day.

Edom has not changed much in 45 years; most of the buildings still look pretty much the same. Several of the artists are still here; new artists have come and continue to come. The locals still wonder what the heck they are doing now, and things ebb and flow. It is a wonderful testament to these artists who have persevered over all of these years, continuing to do what they love and providing a place for others of like minds to do the same.

The concept of establishing a place for artists to come together in friendship and sell their work still abounds to this day as one of the most well-respected art festivals in Texas. “Build it and they will come” is still the mantra and sometimes old is new again, for the 45th year.

For more info call (903)852-6473 or (903)258-5192 or go to visitedom.com.