Friday, February 3, 2023

On this week’s episode, Matt & Cory discuss all things automotive with the Event Coordinator of Corvette Invasion, the largest Corvette show in Texas and Co-Founder of Sweet Rides of Central Texas, the one and only Shawn Jones

Check out Shawn’s two clubs and all that he is doing by heading over to his websites: Corvette Invasion & Sweet Rides of Texas

You can also find Shawn on
Facebook: @CorvetteInvasion & @SWEETRIDESofTEXAS
Instagram: @CorvetteInvasion & @SWEETRIDESofTEXAS
Twitter: @CorvetteNvasion & @SweetRidesTexas
YouTube: Corvette Invasion 

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Our Question(s) of the Week:
What is your ultimate “sweet ride”?

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