This week Matt & Cory dive in to a dying breed in the automotive world, manual transmissions.

More Americans Buying Electric Cars Than Manual-Transmission Cars
Every 2020 Car, Truck, and SUV Available with a Manual Transmission

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Our Question(s) of the Week:
Can you drive a manual transmission?
Who taught you?
How did you learn and in what car?

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Episode note: We wanted to let you know the quality of this episode is not up to our normal standard, for which we apologize. Matt & Cory, just like many of you, are working from home. This means our podcast recording as well. This episode was the first we attempted to record remotely and we are still working through some technical issues. Matt & Cory are committed to finding the best option to keep providing content throughout the duration of this pandemic as well as when we are free to record in a studio together again. Thank your for your understanding and enjoy the show…

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