Monday, January 30, 2023

By Anne Payne

First of all I would not consider myself a foodie. The definition of a foodie is a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. I am not a gourmet, however I do like to eat, so I am very interested in food.

My husband and I eat out a lot. We have an active social life that requires it. So I am very excited to be writing about food. I hope to cover fancy dinners, as well as your regular every day lunches and I will sample and report on the libations also.

First up I traveled (not so far from my home) to the new location of Dakota’s on Old Bullard Road. My friend Nicolette and I decided to meet up for a nice dinner. I know Steve Helmuth and Linda Rudd, they are both really nice folks and Dakotas has been around quite a while, but I am excited because this couple know good entertainment so I figured it would be quite an experience.

We went on a Friday night around 7 p.m., we did not call for a reservation since we were not in a rush. When we met up we were seated immediately.

Now I must say, this is a date restaurant. Nicolette and I kind of chuckled because we felt so much like we were on a date, but we went with it. I ordered one of their signature cocktails, “Cloud Nine” and it was delicious! Sweet and potent just like I like!

First up, a big loaf of artisan bread. They bake it fresh there every day. It was more like a cake it was so big! Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – with real butter of course.

The bread did not leave much room for appetizers so we went straight on to the main course. My friend ordered the salmon and I ordered the stuffed flounder. We both thought our dishes were excellent. The fish was flaky and my flounder was stuffed with crab meat and had a lemon butter cream sauce over it with baby shrimp. Nicolette commented that the remoulade sauce was especially good. We both got asparagus which was cooked perfectly. We were able to cut it with a fork and it was not stringy. The side dishes, hers was rice and mine mashed potatoes were average, nothing noteworthy here.

The waiter offered us a nice menu for dessert, but we were both too full from dinner and I must say we were a little scared of our bill. This place is expensive, but again I think it is perfect for a special occasion dinner. Everything tasted great and the atmosphere definitely feels like you are in a large city, very intimate and romantic. If you want to propose or have an anniversary meal, this is for sure the place to go.

If you are looking for an upscale happy hour spot, Dakotas has an excellent bar, which has an extensive menu of wine, beer and cocktails. All your big names in liquor here and they are not playing around, you will actually get a solid drink here. No soft pours. Highly recommend it!

Atmosphere ****
Food ****
Drink *****
Price $$$$

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