Saturday, May 27, 2023
City of Tyler Urban Forestry Giving Away Free Mulch this October

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Those who share a selfie of themselves with their favorite tree on the Tyler Parks and Rec Facebook page will be entered into a drawing to win two bags of shredded hardwood mulch thanks to the Urban Forestry program partnering with Keep Tyler Beautiful.

There will be multiple winners!

The deadline for submission is Monday, Oct. 24, and the winners will be announced in a Facebook Live drawing on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Spreading two to three inches of mulch around your landscape trees is a great way to protect the roots from dramatic temperature swings in the winter months. Additionally, a mulch ring helps retain moisture, reduce competition from grass, and protect the tree from physical damage.

When mulching your trees, make sure to avoid mulch volcanoes and spread them away from the base of the trunk so that there isn’t any mulch resting against the trunk.

This can keep too much moisture on the tree’s surface, which creates an unhealthy environment that allows pests and diseases to flourish and invade the tree.

For more information on the City of Tyler Urban Forestry Division or the Tyler Trees Committee, go to or contact Madeline Burton, Urban Forester/Arborist, at or (903)533-2079.


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