The City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department presents the Parks and Recreation Scavenger Hunt! Upon completing all Scavenger Hunt tasks, you must submit your pictures for review. Your submission will be reviewed and once approved you will receive a Master Hunter decal. Your photo will also be displayed on our website below! Tag us in your social media using the hashtag  #TylerParksScavengerHunt

To participate, visit one of the following parks and look for the Scavenger Hunt sign.

Once you find the sign, scan the QR code to get a clue about the hidden item or task. You will find a Scavenger Hunt Marker Sign next to the task location or hidden item.

Master Hunters

See yourself pictured here once you complete all Scavenger Hunt tasks!

Scavenger Hunt Rules & Guidelines

  • You will not have to exit the park to complete any of the scavenger hunt tasks.
  • No task or hidden item should be unsafe to reach or located in a restricted area.
  • No hidden item will be placed underneath any parks equipment or above 7 ft. off the ground. You will not need to look through flower beds or dig anywhere to find hidden items.
  • To complete a task, you must photograph yourself with the item or marker.
  • Once you have completed all task, you may SUBMIT for review.

For more information, please contact Tyler Parks and Recreation at (903) 531-1371 or go to

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