Friday, February 3, 2023

By Gini Rainey

“She Will NOT Grow Out of It!: A Memoir of Love, Hope and Promise” by Pam Silverwood and David B.  Hack

This heart-felt story is about a baby who was born with the worst degree of Spina Bifida and whose parents were advised to institutionalize her following her birth.   Written by Pam and her husband David, it chronicles how she courageously accepted the challenges life put in front of her.  Rather than seeking sympathy for the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that were put in front of her, she became a prime example of someone who turned “you can’t” into “I can!”

From her placement in a school for handicapped children to her eventual rise to the position of Supervisor of Speech Pathology at Walter Reed Hospital, this book follows the struggles and successes of Pam Silverwood.   In an engaging style, filled with both pathos and humor, Silverwood and Hack recount her life in a truly encouraging and uplifting manner.  Their writing style together is perfectly seamless and totally refreshing.  This is definitely a “can’t put down” read that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

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“If You Tell Me, I Can Fly!” by Sharon Thayer

Sharon Thayer, a national award winning author, brings another book to her readers that is filled with hope and promise of the ability to do just about anything they want.   With two editions, one geared towards girls and the other towards boys, the suggested reader age is 8 through adult.  Illustrated with amazing water colors by Linda Nagy, Thayer subtly encourages the reader with inspiration to believe in their ability to excel.

By using several examples of residents of the animal kingdom, Thayer shares a message of hope and encouragement.  For example, in the story of a caterpillar dreaming of flying, we are poetically taken from caterpillar to chrysalis and butterfly – the realization of a dream.  In conclusion, she compares the life of a young woman as she emerges from childhood’s cocoon.  The analogy is lovely.

What I find incredible about Sharon Thayer is her life’s journey from a dyslexic child to an inspirational author.  A former teacher and owner of a nature-based childcare center, Ms. Thayer recognizes that those who need this message most are not in a place where they can access it.  Consequently, Carousel Publishing partners with individuals and corporations in contributing and raising funds in order to place these books in their hands.

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