Monday, January 30, 2023

By Gini Rainey

I recently met up with a group of great friends for drinks at Applebee’s, but who can just drink when there is also a terrific appetizer menu staring you in the face?  And, how can I pick just one for Dish of the Week, when their appetizer menu is loaded up with some really great items that are filled with flavor and also priced right?  So, allow me to let you in on a couple two or three great taste treats that are waiting for you at your neighborhood Applebee’s. (And, no, I don’t get paid by Applebee’s to say all of this!)

For starters, we shared a plate of their Brew Pub Pretzels & Cheese Dip.  The cheese dip is a house specialty and is made with white cheddar and beer and it disappeared faster than ice on a hot griddle!  Of course, the pretzels just screamed “more,” so my husband ordered up another plate of them for our end of the table.  Down at the other end of the table, I spied an order of the sweet potato fries that had just the right amount of crisp on them, and they disappeared pretty darn fast themselves!

For the next go-round, the couple across the table from us ordered a plate of the Double Crunch Wings.  These were amazing and didn’t last very long, either.  Served up with ranch and celery, these babies rated high on the yummy scale!  Additionally, word had it from the other end of the table that the Cheeseburger Eggrolls with Applebee’s signature dipping sauce are also pretty darn amazing.  Throw in dollar Margaritas or half price beers and you have all the makings for a great evening with friends.

FYI, Applebee’s has been rated as having the most popular happy hours in the country!  Not only are there two happy hours a day, but with the great prices on select drinks and appetizers, there’s no reason for you to leave the place unhappy, thirsty, or hungry!  Open from 11am-2am daily, the Tyler Applebee’s, located at 5502 S. Broadway, is a great place to meet friends after work for an evening of good food, drinks, and conversations!


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