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Over 50 Miles of Trails and 26 Parks in Tyler


After living in East Texas for a while it’s easy to overlook how much there is to do here. While we might not have as much as the metroplex, we also don’t have to deal with the same amount of traffic that they have.

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your family, here are some parks and trails that you can check out here in Tyler.

The City of Tyler has a tremendous park and recreation team that helps keep our favorite parks looking nice.

Parks in Tyler are open from sunrise to sunset, and trails are open to everyone from 5am-10pm.

In total there is more than 1,000 acres of parkland and open space. You can also reserve the amphitheater, a pavilion, or picnic area for a party or special event online just click here.

Details on the 26 Parks Open to the Public in Tyler

The City of Tyler has a park for everyone with so many to choose from.

Activities at the different parks include fishing, hiking, biking, tennis, basketball, and so many other fun activities.

There is a tremendous park directory with a list of amenities for each park, click here to check it out.

If you’re specifically looking for dog parks, click here, my dogs love to visit Bossart Bark Park.

Information on Trails Within the City of Tyler

Within the City of Tyler there are over 50 miles of trails for walking, running, or biking.

There are disc golf courses to choose from if you enjoy playing.

Also, you can click here to see a list of trails.

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