Beautiful Fall Foliage Drives

Summer’s grip has finally given way to fall and the luscious green countryside has slowly and quietly exploded with rich autumn colors. East Texas is a sight to behold in the fall, with yellow oak trees, orange sweetgums, deep red dogwood trees dappled among the might every greens. Fill up your tank, grab your cameras, and take an East Texas fall road trip today!

East Texas comes alive with peak color typically occurring mid-November. Take the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the region during this seasonal transition.

Get off the beaten path this autumn! Take any farm-to-market road in East Texas for prime fall foliage viewing and a real Texas experience.

“A good stretch of farm road is the apotheosis of a very Texan institution—the drive for no other purpose than to get the feel of the country—and that is why the farm-to-market road is to Texas what the freeway is to California: not just a highway but a symbol of the culture.”~ Paul Burka. Texas Monthly 

Visit any state park in East Texas and for exceptional fall foliage viewing. Find a state park in East Texas HERE.

My East Texas has compiled a list of routes that usually yield incredible fall foliage and photo opportunities. Take any farm-to-market road off these routes for extended viewing pleasure.

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See Fall Foliage Driving Routes Here.

Throughout Texas: 4 Must-See Fall Foliage Spots in Texas

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