Katie and The Vines: Partners In The Music

By Johnny Griffith

Occasionally voices come along that cut through the noise of a crowded room or bar and make you sit up and take notice. No matter what you’re doing, who you’re talking to, or where you are…when you hear a voice like that it compels you to listen. If you’ve had the opportunity to hear Katie and The Vines recently, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Comprised of husband and wife duo Katie Lee and Chase Nick, Katie and The Vines blends blues, soul, rock, and country with the vocal stylings of Katie which are sure to leave you wanting more.

We sat down with them recently to get a bit more insight into Katie and The Vines.

Johnny: What is the current lineup of Katie and The Vines?

Katie: Primarily it’s Katie (lead singer) and Chase (acoustic guitar/bass player). We use other musicians on occasion depending on the show and the schedule but right now it’s mainly us two.

Johnny: How did you two meet?

Katie: Chase and I met each other once I moved to Tyler. I was friends with his bandmates, so once he joined their band, we got introduced.

Johnny: Give us a little background on you two.

Katie: I grew up in Keller, Texas. I made the decision to move to Tyler in August of 2013 for music. There was a music producer who worked at Studio 333 at Kiepersol in Bullard that I signed a contract with. A few songs were produced and I was able to get some performing in as well. Unfortunately, he ended up moving back to Alabama where he was from. The good news was that I met my husband Chase when I moved to Tyler. Although my plan did not work out the way I wanted it to, I met the love of my life. EscortStars

Chase: I was born and raised in Tyler. I went to Grace Community and then to Robert E Lee, graduating in 2009. I started playing bass guitar around 15 years old and haven’t stopped since. I have been in four bands including Eli’s Redemption and Blacktop Mojo. Now, I focus my time on Katie and the Vines and playing bass at Rose Heights Church.

Johnny: Where did the idea for the band originate?

Katie: Funny story. I was asked to perform at a Kiepersol Wine Festival back in 2013. I did not have a band, so I asked my friends from Eli’s Redemption (a local band at the time) to help me out. We obviously did not have a name for us at that event so we just came up with Katie and the Vines. There was really no reason other than it was just me singing, hence Katie, and I think they called themselves Vines because we were at the vineyards! It just made sense somehow. It really became a joke between us for a long time. Eventually, once Chase and I decided to form our own band, the name was revived and we went with it.

Johnny: You play a pretty broad mix of music in your shows. Do you have any particular favorite?

Katie: We love all kinds of music but I probably lean more toward blues and soul, and Chase likes rock. We try to incorporate both as well as other crowd favorites depending on the show.

Johnny: What was your first gig?

Katie: Our first real gig was at Dakota’s in Tyler.

Johnny: Are you primarily a cover band or are there originals that you’ll pull out on occasion?

Katie: We are primarily a cover band but we have some originals up our sleeve that we like to work in depending on the show and the setting. We’re hoping to get them recorded next year.

Johnny: How would you describe a typical Katie and The Vines show?

Katie: Fun! We want people to relax and enjoy music.

Johnny: Are there any gigs that stick out in your mind as a favorite so far?

Katie: We’d have to say the show at Dakotas! The crowd was so responsive and had fun with us! It always makes the show more fun for us if we know the crowd is enjoying what we’re doing on stage and is enjoying it as much as we are.

Johnny: What do you hope new listeners take away from their first show with Katie and The Vines?

Katie: We want people to enjoy the music and get away from their everyday stresses by kicking back and having fun with us.

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