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Ten “Must Try” Dishes in East Texas From A Foodaholic


clear-SpringsBy Toni Bloom, Foodie

I find that eating has become a hobby for me these days. Not only do I plan my food, I seem to obsess about what I am going to eat next and when. I spend countless hours dreaming of “what was in that dish, and how can I manage to get more.” This new found hobby needed some funding, so I created this fun list of “My Ten Favorite Dishes in Tyler.”

Clear Springs Restaurant

From Clear Springs, located at 6519 S. Broadway Ave, Tyler, I have found that I love their Pan Seared Tilapia. If you are in the mood for some good fish that is not fishy, this is a must try. It is two generous sized fillets, seasoned, and quick seared. It is served with crawfish tails, fresh tomatoes, and Dijon peppercorn sauce. It was really delicious! Clear Springs offers many seafood dishes, Cajun dishes, as well as chicken and steaks and a friendly staff. If the weather is cooperating, you can sit on the outside patio. It is quite lovely in the evenings.

burger-grindBurger Grind

Burger Grind, located at 1700 SSE Loop 323, Tyler, has a burger for every taste. I love their Texan Burger. Burger Grind’s burgers are always juicy, and the bacon has a great flavor. The Texas Burger comes with a big pile of crunchy jalapeños and grilled onions. You can choose the type of bun – I like the Texas Burger on the Toasted Onion bun. The Turkey Burger is also a good one. It is made fresh daily and has a great flavor. If you are looking for freshly prepared burgers and not pre-made frozen patties, Burger Grind is the place to go. You will absolutely love them!

ricks-oysters-black-pearl-tyler-tx-9876The Black Pearl Oyster Bar

New to downtown, Rick Eltife’s latest venture is The Black Pearl Restaurant, located next door to Rick’s at 106 W. Erwin, downtown Tyler. This is a seafood place like nothing else in Tyler. Most of the menu is served fresh and cold, and is prepared right in front of you. Black Pearl has many different kinds of oysters like blue point, pink moon, and summer side oysters. They all have a different taste, and I am in love with trying them all. Judy Means said, “It was like sitting at a sushi bar watching all of the creations made right in front of you. [There is a] premier fresh oyster selection that shames putting with a cracker! Prices for quality is unmatched in this area.”

“I love oysters – I always have,” says Eltife. “I love the East Coast oysters and the West Coast oysters and the Gulf oysters and the Canadian oysters.” The Black Pearl has five or six varieties of oyster every day that are listed on the blackboard just inside the front door. They also have classic cocktails, ceviche, crab, lobster, shrimp, tartar, carpaccio, and more. Dishes are in the unique style of a classic New York Oyster Bar.

Roast-social-KitRoast Social Kitchen

Still fairly new to the restaurant scene is Nick and Jen Pencis’ Roast Social Kitchen, located at 1125 E. 5th St., Tyler. Everybody around town is talking about the Bee’s Knees pizza, so I had to try it. For me, a thin crust brick oven pizza is the best, and Roast delivered a perfect creation. The Bee’s Knees has roasted garlic, a special in-house blend of four kinds of cheese, soppressata (Italian dry salami), house made sausage, Mike’s Hot Honey, fresh thyme and fresh orange, all served up on a perfect crust. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about ‘honey on a pizza’ but it totally works and it is delicious. Now I know why everyone was talking about this pizza – it is fantastic.

Roast is open for lunch and dinner as well as late night on weekends, Fridays till 1am and Saturdays until 2am. Roast has wine on tap, craft beers, and signature cocktails. The Frequent Flyer is a favorite (Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, blackberry puree, fresh lemon juice, and sage).

10388594_10203771263583827_217697730214841112_nAthena’s Greek Restaurant

Yeah, I eat out a lot, I say it’s for work, and I joke that I am supporting my habit but sometimes it’s just for fun. And I love food. Today I want you to branch out, and get out of your comfort zone and try something new and different. And that “something different” is Athena’s Greek Restaurant, located at 1601 WSW Loop 323, Tyler. There are tons of new and exciting places to try all over town, so how about a little Greek?

We absolutely loved the Gyro Platter and the warm friendly people at Athena’s. The Gyro Platter is a delicious blend of rotisserie beef and lamb slices, served with tzatziki sauce. The meat is always super tender and seasoned with lots of wonderful Greek flavor. It is served with warm pita bread that is perfect for this dish. It also comes with french fries and a Greek salad. We opted for the Greek oven potatoes instead of fries (remember something different). Go and enjoy a relaxed dinner with someone you love.

cork-chicken-and-waffles-tyler-txCork Food & Drink

In the mood to just “Brunch it up” with some great food and a cocktail or two on a weekend morning? Then Cork Food & Drink, located at 5201 S. Broadway Ave. in Tyler is the place to be.

I have had good chicken and I have had good waffles before, but when you put these two together it just makes you wanna dance (or it could have been the mimosa, I’m not sure). But as you can guess by now, I love Cork’s brunch Spicy Chicken and Waffles. The chicken is tender and moist on the inside and has a crunchy crust on the outside, which makes this chicken dish a hit. The waffle, oh the waffles are always light and fluffy, cooked golden brown and served with just a bit of fruit and some butter.

What better way to celebrate Saturday or Sunday mornings!

el-charro'sEl Charro on the Ridge

While at FRESH getting some Cotton Candy grapes, I decided to pop into one of my favorite Mexican food places, El Charro on the Ridge at 6899 Oak Hill Blvd., Tyler, and grab some dinner. We all have our “go to” items at our favorite places but that day, I strayed from my regular (Old Fashioned Tacos) and got the Steak Rellena. I have to admit that I thought this was steak stuffed in a pepper; well I had that backwards. That’s right folks – this is a Fajita steak stuffed “with” poblano peppers, red onions, and mushrooms, sautéed in a garlic butter and wine sauce. And it is heavenly, and my new favorite. It was fantastic; the meat was tender and the mixture inside was rich and full of flavor. This dish also comes with, you guessed it, rice and beans, pico de gallo, and sliced avocados.

The Ramirez family has been feeding my family for many years and will continue for years to come. The El Charro’s Sangria Swirl Margarita is legendary.

burger-grindDaniel Boone’s Grill & Tavern

Daniel Boone’s Grill & Tavern, located at 1920 ESE Loop 323, Tyler, is all about country, from the memorabilia on the wall to the food and the service – this restaurant will take you back to a time gone by. Many standard country-cooking items are on the menu like Country Fried Steak, Fried Catfish, pork chops, burgers and more, but have you tried Boone’s Deluxe Grilled Chicken Sandwich? This is a tender and juicy grilled chicken breast covered with melted Swiss cheese and crispy bacon, all piled on a warm toasted (ask for Texas toast) bun with honey mustard dressing. We also love the big stack of homemade onion rings and good old fashion sweet Texas tea – just like Grandma used to make!

At Boone’s you can “git ur grub on” country style!

stanleys-brother-in-law-tyler-tx-90u8Stanley’s Famous BBQ

Stanley’s Famous BBQ, what legends are made of! Stanley’s is located at 525 S. Beckham in Tyler and simply is an institution in my book. Although many have said that the Mother Clucker is their favorite, my favorite is the Jumbo Brother in Law on a jalapeno cheese sourdough bun. I eat this huge pile of heaven at least once a week. The Brother in Law has chopped brisket, sausage, and cheese. You will need a fork!

The Mother Clucker is a “spiked and smoked chicken thigh fillet with spicy bbq mayo, cheddar cheese, topped with an over-easy fried egg and served on toasted jalapeno cheese sourdough. Upgrade it to the Cadillac Clucker by adding house-made guacamole and candied bacon (thick cut bacon dredged in our rib rub and then smoked until it caramelizes).”

I say to myself every time that “I am going to get something different” and many swear by the Shrove – grilled ham, cheese, chopped brisket and sauce. So far, I have not succeeded in trying it.

wings republic ice house tyler txRepublic Ice House

It is starting, it’s football season and in this foodies’ book, that means it is time for wings! Republic Ice House, located at 3807 University Blvd. in Tyler, has both boneless and with the bone wings in about six flavors. I love the 666 Fire Sauce wings but be forewarned, these are not for the faint at heart. They will light you up! If you are a wimp, I mean don’t like your wings as spicy, the regular ones are quite tasty too. They come in Original, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, and Honey BBQ.

There is a TV everywhere you look at Republic, as well as a gigantic (16 foot by 9 foot HD Projection screen) TV where football becomes larger than life! Wings, ice cold one in hand and a gigantic TV – welcome fall! It’s football time again! Republic has 19 HD TVs and the NFL Sunday Ticket.

For more dining favorites, go online to!



It’s Time for Ice Cream: Move Over Summer Heat


Summer is a wonderful thing. When the weather warms up, people head outdoors. Days are long and hot and it’s perfect conditions for swimming, canoeing, biking, and picnics.

And best of all, a sweaty brow is a great excuse to gather your friends and go out for a drippy cone of ice cream. It’s cold. It’s sweet. It’s creamy. And that burst of fruit-filled, nutty, or chocolate-chunky flavor can be incredibly refreshing when the steamy heat of summer starts to weigh you down.

As far as we’re concerned, ice cream is summer’s most delightful treat. Here are a few of our favorite sweet treats – from ice cream and froyo to shakes and custards.

Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar (6421 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, features some simply wonderful shakes in traditional flavors: strawberry, vanilla bean, and chocolate, plus Nutella, salted caramel, Root Beer float, and a monthly special.

Several hand spun specialities of the house are the “Kitchen Sink,” featuring pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds, and potato chips (yes, potato chips). It is unique and heavenly and has a wonderful salty-sweet combo with a slight surprise crunch. Another favorite, the Worms & Dirt shake, has a ton of crushed Oreos and gummy worms.

If you are a chocolate lover, these two are for you. The ET Shake is like getting the entire candy aisle all in one glass with Reeses pieces, peanut butter, chocolate, and a peanut butter cookie. The Mint Chocolate Chip will hit the spot too with homemade crushed brownies, Andes mints, and a ton of chocolate.

For adults, Grub Burger Bar offers spiked shakes too. They have Bourbon & Caramel, Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip (vodka, crème de cacao, creme de mènthe, and Andes mints), the Tipsy Worms & Dirt (chocolate vodka, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms), and the ET Drunk Dial (chocolate vodka, Reeses pieces, peanut butter, chocolate, and a peanut butter cookie). Our favorite is the Spiked Dirty Kitchen Sink (chocolate vodka, pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds, and Grub’s signature topping – potato chips).

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Andy’s Frozen Custard (6106 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, has always been fanatical about custard and has served it with pride since March 19, 1986. For more than three decades, only the freshest ingredients have been used for a frozen custard experience you can’t get anywhere else.

The difference? Ice cream is made from milk, cream, or a combination of the two. Andy’s Frozen Custard is made from milk, cream, and egg yolks. Also, while the machine used to make ice cream churns air into it to make it light, frozen custard is produced in a machine that barely incorporates air into it at all, which means it comes out way more dense.

Andy’s Frozen Custard has mastered custard and they offer a lot of creations that will cool you off this hot summer. A few of our favorites are Andy’s Ozark Turtle (custard covered with hot fudge, crème caramel, roasted pecans, and topped with a cherry), The Original Straw-Ana (frozen custard covered with delicious strawberries and sliced bananas – think banana split ala custard), and Butter Pecan Concrete which is Andy’s frozen custard blended with butterscotch and roasted pecans.

For chocolate lovers, you will think you have found heaven with Andy’s Triple Chocolate Concrete (chocolate frozen custard blended with chocolate chip cookie dough and melted chocolate chips).

The Snowmonster Concrete has frozen custard blended with strawberries and melted chocolate chip. And the customer favorite, Andy’s Turtle Split has custard, a whole banana covered with hot fudge, crème caramel, roasted pecans, and topped with a cherry…Andy’s own version of a banana split.

Andy’s has a convenient drive-thru and picnic tables out front that can accommodate a large group.

Mercado’s Cafe & Posado’s Cafe

In the mood for something a little different? How about ice cream in a fried tortilla! Mercado’s (2214 WSW Loop 323, Tyler) and their sister company Posado’s Cafe (2500 E. Fifth St., Tyler) has a unique menu item – the Bunuelo – a large golden-fried tortilla dusted with cinnamon and sugar and filled with big scoops of vanilla ice cream. It is served with your choice of syrup topping, whipped cream, and their specially-made praline pecans. This is a great treat after any meal and certainly a nice way to cool off on a hot summer day.

SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt

SweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt (2467 Crow Rd., Tyler, is new to the fro-yo scene in Tyler but they are certainly not new to creating a great product. They feature a “create your own” bar where you can combo delicious, soft-serve premium frozen yogurt and a ton of toppings. The combinations are endless! You can create everything from a light snack, a decadent dessert, and everything in between. You pick the flavors, then add the toppings, and you can make it any way you want!

From SweetFrog’s lovable mascots, Scoop and Cookie, to the meaning of the store’s name of F.R.O.G. in SweetFrog which stands for ‘Fully Rely On God,’ SweetFrog is a great place to quench your fro-yo cravings.

Pokey O’s Tyler

Pokey O’s Tyler ( What exactly is a Pokey O’s? Well, it is a made-to-order ice cream sandwich individually customized for you from the Pokey O’s dessert food truck. You can create any combo you can dream up – customizing the yummy fresh cookies and Blue Bell® ice cream – into a Pokey O’s!

A favorite is the not highly creative but totally heavenly combo of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate ice cream – a chocolate lover’s dream! 

The menu changes daily but standards are chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, fudge nut brownie, white chocolate, macadamia nut, sugar cookie, cappuccino chocolate chip, maple pecan, and more.

Blue Bell® Ice cream flavors include traditional vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, sea salt and caramel, cookies ‘n cream, coffee, cake batter, rocky road, pecan pralines and cream, mocha almond, cotton candy, peachy peach and peppermint.

The Porch @ ETX Brewing Co.

The Porch @ ETX Brewing Co. (221 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, serves Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream, a Mom & Pop shop in Plano, Texas. You can get a cone or get it on top of their handmade Bread Pudding. The Porch offers a new creative kind of bread pudding every week. Recently, The Porch has had Grilled Peach with Cinnamon Stout Sauce topped with pecans and Henry’s Cinnamon Ice Cream! They always have four different flavors of ice cream and keep them rotating.

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root Burger Co. (4601 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, is known for their burgers but did you know they specialize in shakes too? They have a great selection (some with alcohol) like the Fat Elvis (custard with peanut butter with bacon on top), Banana Pudding & Vanilla Wafer, Banana & Baileys, Creme De Menthe & Chocolate Chips. Our favorite is the Banana Foster which comes with custard mixed with bananas, caramel and sliced almonds, topped with whip cream and more caramel. It is truly drool-worthy!


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New Cocktails inline for “A Toast to CORE” at Razzoo’s this Summer!


Razzoo’s Cajun Café Partners To Support Restaurant Families

For over 25 years, guests have flocked to Razzoo’s Cajun Café expecting exceptional Cajun food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. However, many may not know that Razzoo’s has a fantastic array of craft cocktails featuring fine spirits and fresh fruits and juices. On June 11th, Razzoo’s launched two new specialty cocktails in a promotion titled “A Toast to CORE.”

For every sale of these new drinks, Razzoo’s will donate $1 to “CORE, Children of Restaurant Employees.” Tito’s Handmade Vodka will match that donation, up to $5,000.

The tasty new cocktails include: Tito’s Peach Thyme Smash (Tito’s vodka, Fresh Peaches, Sweet & Sour and Thyme), and Tito’s Twizted Strawberry (Tito’s vodka, Fresh Strawberries, Lemons, a splash of Sprite with a Twizzler straw).

CORE grants support to children of food and beverage service navigating life-altering circumstances. In times of extreme strain brought on by family death, injury or diagnosed medical condition, loss of home, or other sudden or extreme circumstances, food and beverage families can become overwhelmed financially and emotionally. CORE is the nationally recognized community of support for all food and beverage service families in need by ensuring they feel cared for and valued. Since 2004, CORE has raised more than $3 million and granted support to more than 350 families from across the industry and the country. Contributions from our COREporate Members and individual donors allows CORE to provide grants that keep our families safe, healthy, and happy.

“A Toast to CORE” will be celebrated through August 30th at all twenty Razzoo’s Cajun Café locations in Texas and North Carolina.

“At Razzoo’s we try not to take ourselves too seriously. What we do take seriously is our food and our service. To us, nothing is more fun than treating our guests to great food and a great time in one of our restaurants. That’s why we’re here. Our food is authentic, it’s made from scratch every day in each restaurant and it’s darn good. Some of it sounds a little weird, like Rat Toes (really, they aren’t) or the Grilled Gator Tail (really, it is). Some of it is hard to pronounce, like the Shrimp Piquant or Chicken Tchoupitoulas – feel free to point when you order (that happens a lot). We’ve been at this for over 26 years and we’ve made a lot of friends along the way. We’d like to think that didn’t happen by accident. So check out our menu, find the nearest location and hop in the car. We’ll be at the door when you get here.”

Razzo’s is located at 7011 S. Broadway in Tyler, 903)534-2922, They feature live music every Thursday evening starting at 6pm. July and August line up is:

  • July 5th: Chris Colston Acoustic
  • July 12th: The Haggertys
  • July 19th: Blue Louie Acoustic
  • July 26th: The Mansion Family
  • August 2nd: The Leftovers
  • August 9th: Riley Redding
  • August 16th: Tyler Dudley
  • August 23rd: Ally Venable
  • August 30th: Al and the Longshots


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July 14th: Hit The Bricks Auto & Cycle Show Downtown Tyler

ricks_webad_728x90xpresso_printing tyler tx

There will be a FREE hop on/hop off shuttle sponsored by
Tyler Innovation Pipeline that will take you around Downtown.

PARKING IS FREE in the parking garage and on the square.

Click to Enlarge or Download

Visit Tyler in conjunction with Discovery Science Place and R.G. Car Show Productions is set to host the “Hit the Bricks Auto and Cycle Show” in Downtown Tyler July 14th, 10am-2pm.

There are expected to be 100-120 cars parked around the square in Downtown Tyler. The event is free and open to the public. Those wishing to enter their classic car or other vehicles in the show should register online at

Attendees can also participate in games and prize drawings throughout the day. Sponsors for the prizes include: Visit Tyler, City of Tyler, ETX Brewing Co., Moss: Where Flowers are Fair, Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant, SportsZone, Ye Olde City Antique Mall and Olde City Market, Gallery Main Street, EGuide Magazine, Liberty Hall, and Goodman-LeGrand House & Museum.

Click to Enlarge or Download

Several other events will be happening that day hosted by Downtown businesses including art events, live music, shopping, and more.

Download the FREE app “EGuide Tyler” and select “Hit the Bricks” for events that will be going on July 14th Downtown Tyler.

All Day: Half Mile of History – This self-guided walking tour is an outdoor, half-mile loop around the square that commemorates significant people, places, or events in Tyler. A digital brochure for the self-guided tour is at

8-11am: Breakfast is served at ETX Brewing! Come dine on the best breakfast around with waffles, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, tacos, and more.

8am-12 noon: The Rose City Farmers Market will be open with homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs, pasture-raised beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, free-range/non GMO eggs, goat cheeses, fresh bread, flowers, coffee, jams and jellies, baked goods, Texas olive oil, handcrafted art, and Texas fruit wines.

9am-9pm: Brands & Threads Grand Opening of Ridiculously Good Branding, located at 257 S. Broadway. Come celebrate with live screen printing, “Ridiculously Good” t-shirt sales, drinks, giveaways, 80’s pop music, and all the high fives you can handle! Oh, and cool koozies too! The first 25 purchases get a free retro ice cold beer koozie.

10am-2pm: R.G. Car Show will present the Auto & Cycle Show downtown on the square. The public is welcome to view all of the cool cars and cycles for free! There will be vendors, music, and food trucks. Stop by the DJ booth and pick up a People’s Choice ballot to vote on your favorite vehicle.

10am-4pm: “Paint a Car, Take It Home” will take place at Goodman Museum. This is free for the kiddos!

10am-4pm: Free Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt will be set up for families at the Smith County Historical Society Museum. A list of items to find will be provided. Children 18 and under who participate can receive a complimentary one-year Junior Membership.

10am-5pm: “The Return of the Dinosaurs” exhibit will be shown starting at 10am at Discovery Science Place. Take your picture riding a Triceratops or braving the jaws of a T-Rex! See two Protoceratops guarding their nest or view the long-necked Apatosaurus. View actual fossils along with animatronic models of the “terrible lizards” of long ago. “Return of the Dinosaurs” is featured in the DSP Annex building next door to the main museum building.

10am-5pm: Ye Olde City Antique Mall Treasure Hunt will again host “Summer Fun” at the Ye Olde City Complex where there are three great places to shop plus “cold” drinks, “cold” snacks, and free “cold” items in the monthly Treasure Hunt!

10am-8pm: The Artist Market will be open inside the HoT office located at 108 S. Broadway. Music will be provided by Michael Morse. Many artists will be exhibited in the air-conditioned office of Heart of Tyler including Sylvia Morse – Smooch-A-Licious Jewelry Designs.

1pm: Art Show with Blacksmith Sam Fontenot – Sam will be featuring and selling his custom unique metalwork designs at the Innovation Pipeline! These one-of-a-kind creations are sure to be objects of envy when friends and family visit your home. Don’t miss this chance to purchase a truly unique and functional piece of art and shake hands with its creator.

2pm: Tyler Public Library Makerspace Workshop will be held. No reservations are needed and this is free to attend.

2-3:30pm: The Foundry presents Cheesecake & Coffee Pairing! The cost is $15 per ticket. Walk-ins welcome. Five Bryan’s Cheesecakes will be paired with five Porch Culture offerings. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

2-4pm: Free Painting Party at Strada Caffe will be held, lead by Dace Kidd. No reservations are required. This is free to attend and there is no cost for painting or materials. All ages are welcome.

5:30-8pm: Opening of John Randall York Solo Show will be held at Gallery Main Street. The “Song of the House Where We Live” solo show by John York will have a free opening reception for the public. John Randall York was born in Tyler and has lived here most of his life. His grandfather, Henry York, was a photographer in Smith County in the early 1900’s, traveling by horse and buggy. York was educated in Tyler public schools, attended TJC and received a BFA from The University of Texas at Tyler. He has also designed giftware for Fitz & Floy, Lenox, The Hamilton Collection, and S & D Fine Collectibles sold in Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Walt Disney World, and Bloomingdale’s, and has illustrated five books for Gregory Miller, an author/teacher from Pittsburgh, PA.

8-10pm: Jordan Tydings Acoustic will be performing at Strada Caffe. There will be craft beer, wine, desserts, and small plate creations.

8-10pm: Card 53 will bring their unique style of improv “makemups” and will create for you an experience like no other in Tyler, made up entirely on the spot based off your suggestions! Card 53 strives each show to be what they consider “clean-ish.” This is sponsored by True Vine Brewery. Tickets are available at the door for $15 but this show usually sells out fast.

8-10pm: Dubb & The Luv Machine in Concert will perform at ETX Brewing Co. There is no cover and this is a family and pet-friendly event.

8:30pm: The Haunted WALKING Tour of Downtown will be held. Tickets are $8 and available at You must register in advance. Weather permitting.

9pm-1am: Post Profit will perform at Garage Bar. There is a cover charge and no one under 21 is admitted after 9pm.

9pm-1am: Trajikly White will be on stage at Rick’s on the Square. There is a cover charge at the door and no one under 21 is admitted after 9pm.

9:30pm: The Haunted RIDING Tour of Downtown – Tickets are $15/person and available at You must register in advance.

For a full list of events go or find the event on Facebook.


For dinner, sink your teeth into one of the local Downtown eateries. Find anything from cheap tacos and bar food to fine dining and everything in between.

Jack Ryan’s Steak & Chophouse, located at 102 N. College Ave., features fine dining, wonderful food, and good drinks in the beautiful People’s Petroleum building. They are open 5-10pm.

Black Pearl, located at 106 W. Erwin St., features a very classy atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and a nice menu of oysters that are prepared right in front of you. They are open 4pm-12 midnight.

Rick’s on the Square, located at 104 W. Erwin St., features a lively crowd on Saturday evenings, a full menu and a live band outside on the patio. If you just want to eat, you can sit inside in the dining room. They are open 4pm-1am.

Don Juan’s Mexican Restaurant, located at 113 E. Erwin, is a locals’ favorite and features Mexican food and heavenly margaritas. They are open 12 noon-10pm.

SportsZone, located at 115 E. Erwin St., features TV’s everywhere you look and a great menu of yummy food: onion rings, chili cheese waffle fries, green chili churro bites, create-your-own burgers, sandwiches, wings, and a few salads. They are open at 12 noon-1am.

Garage Bar, located at 418 E. Erwin St., has burgers, hot dogs, daily specials, and wings. They are open 4pm-1am.

The Foundry Coffee House, located at 202 S. Broadway, has coffee creations, teas, pastries, and quiche. They have several seating options like couches, comfy chairs, tables, a bar, as well as free wifi. They are open at 7am-11pm.

The Porch at ETX Brewery, located at 221 S. Broadway, offers breakfast every Saturday 7:30-11am, tables inside and outside, and classics for lunch and dinner like burgers, Mac ‘n Cheese Fries, Fried Cheese Curds, and The Kitchen Sink Sandwich, and of course, brewed on site craft beers. They are open 7:30am-12 midnight. It is pet friendly outside on the patio.

Strada Caffè, located at 302 E. Front St., is just a little off the downtown area. They feature coffee and espresso, teas, breakfast sandwiches, salads and “Strada Evenings” with craft beer and wine.

There’s no excuse to leave hungry with all of the dining options Downtown.

More Info

Hit the Bricks: Second Saturday is an event you won’t want to miss! Rain or shine, cold or hot, there will always be something to do in Downtown on the second Saturday of every month. Grab your friends and family and “Hit the Bricks!” For a full list of activities each month go to or find the event on Facebook.


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