Caldwell Zoo Celebrates Births of Adorable New Arrivals

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The Caldwell Zoo Celebrates a Summer of Births and Welcomes Adorable New Arrivals

The Caldwell Zoo’s animal family is growing…big time! This summer has delivered a bounty of “babies” as well as the thrill that comes with new arrivals. Excitement and joy are running wild all across our park.

Cheetah Cubs!
The summer season began boldly with the birth of three delightful cheetah cubs. These precious felines have been thriving under the nurturing care of their first-time mother, Orchid.

The youngsters are growing stronger every day and continue to impress their keepers, who are diligently monitoring their progress. The arrival of these three boys is a triumph for cheetah conservation, and we are proud of the great work being done by our expert mammal keepers in the ongoing breeding program. As a member of the Cheetah Breeding Coalition, we are dedicated to careful breeding of this incredible species and determined to do all we can to save it from extinction.

Kudu and Impala Calves!
The flurry of excitement has continued with the arrival of greater kudu and impala calves.

Over the last eight weeks, we’ve welcomed two males and one female to each of the kudu and impala families.

The young kudus, Wasabi, Zinc, and Orion, are already showing their personalities as they explore their surroundings.

Joining the lineup of charming newcomers are the male impalas, Pesto and Ragu, and a new baby female who is so young she hasn’t been named yet.

The three impalas got to their feet quickly and are bonding with their attentive parents.

All our captivating calves are putting on weight and gaining strength at a healthy pace.

Colobus Baby

Just around the corner from our African savanna, a new baby was added to our troupe of black and white colobus monkeys. Born to proud parents Adanna and Ndizi, the newborn is easy to recognize thanks to its all-white coat.

The entire troupe has been doting on the youngster, with grandmothers, aunts, and siblings taking time to carefully hold and groom the newest member of the family. Our keepers are making sure the monkeys have everything they need, while giving mother and infant adequate privacy during these early days.

Spoonbill and Ibis Chicks
Not to be outdone, our feathered friends have also added joy to the roost. From our North American habitat, three roseate spoonbills have hatched, adding undeniable cuteness to the flock.The young spoonbills are easy to identify as they are adorned in snowy white feathers and will gain their pink color as they mature.

And there’s even more rare news – Waldrapp ibis have hatched!

You may have never heard of this particular species and that may be due to the fact that they are critically endangered in the wild.

There are only a few hundred of these birds surviving in their native Morocco.

So, we are absolutely thrilled to successfully contribute to this important conservation effort. All the chicks are eating well and maturing as their keepers would expect.

Our Commitment

The Caldwell Zoo remains committed to the mission of conservation, education, and fostering a deep connection between our visitors and the natural world.

As we celebrate this summer’s new arrivals, we are so thankful for the hard work and passion of our zoo staff, who make successful breeding and births possible. Stay tuned for announcements on when our youngsters will make their public debuts!

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